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Recently, we at All Creatures have acquired a new flea and tick product for dogs only. It is given monthly and is in a chewable form.It is available in boxes of 6.
It is called Simparica and is made by Zoetis, the same people that gave us Revolution. It controls and kills fleas and four kinds of ticks. It is meant for dogs 6 months of age or older, weighing 2.8 pounds or more. There is a rebate being offered until the end of the year for 6 and 12 month supplies!
We recommend year-round treatment for effective flea and tick control in our area. Call us today to determine if Simparica is right for your dog. (Sorry, not for use in cats.)
OraVet, the first FDA-approved dental hygiene chew has recently become available. This chew combats bacterial biofilm formation - the starting point of plaque, tartar and halitosis (doggie breath). Each chew releases delmopinol, which coats the teeth, tongue and gums to create a barrier that prevents bacterial attachment. The result is no new plaque formation on the teeth. Delmopinol also breaks down existing plaque so it can be removed by the mechanical scrubbing action of the chew. 
Pick some up today and get rid of those dirty teeth and that doggie breath!
New heartworm and flea and tick products available from us, made by Bayer

We are now offering Advantage Multi - a topical liquid heartworm preventative that also treats and prevents hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and sarcoptic mange.

Pair this with Seresto, an 8 month flea and tick collar, and never worry about parasites afflicting your dog or cat again.

Bayer is currently offering rebate checks on both these products, with savings of up to $75.00!!
Apoquel, a unique anti-itch medication, is readily available at All Creatures. It is the ONLY treatment specifically designed to go straight to the source of the dog's itch and minimally affect other parts of the body.It is not a steroid, cyclosporine or antihistamine. Apoquel is primarily prescribed for atopic skin disease, or skin allergy, but can be used for other causes of itching and scratching. For use in dogs one year of age and older.
Is your dog's scratching keeping you up at night? Call us today for an exam and some Apoquel. End that itch! Quantity discounts for 60 or 100 tablets.
All the above products have been tested by Jessie and get her "arf" of approval.
CYTOPOINT: This is a new and innovative, highly effective treatment for canine atopic dermatitis or inhaled allergies. Cytopoint is a biological therapy that works like your dog's immune system. It is given by injection in our office and provides relief from itching for 4 - 8 weeks. It is extremely safe and has minimal side effects.
Call our office today to set up an appointment to determine if Cytopoint is right for you and your dog. You both will get a better night's sleep.